barn wedding venue with accommodation

Why choose a barn wedding venue with accommodation?

There are lots of different wedding venues you can look at all over the country and even further afield if you fancy it. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for exactly, you should make a list of your requirements. Obviously you will need somewhere for you guests to stay, catering, somewhere for the reception and somewhere for the service to be held. All this adds up quickly, and within each of these categories there are choices you will need to make as well.

For starters, with the venue should you pick somewhere with its own accommodation? In answer to this we would always recommend that you do. While your guests will of course be able to chose where they stay, the nearer to the reception they’re staying the easier it will be for everyone – especially those with young children or those who are less able physically. Many elderly people will benefit from being able to duck out a little bit earlier or to have a mid afternoon nap so they’re not exhausted by the end of the night. If they will have to get a taxi to return to their hotel or bed and breakfast then this simply won’t be a viable option.

So many venues will come with many of the services you will need, and yet you won’t necessarily be obliged to use them all. You will need to check with the venue about how this will work, but usually you will find that the more services you get from the same vendor, the more discount you will be able to get as well. Any cheaper ways you can find of getting your dream day will be for the best because all the little details will add up, and you’ll end up with much more to spend on the details (or to save for the honeymoon when all this faff is out of the way).  

A barn wedding venue with accommodation is a good thing for your guests, and can be a good thing for you as well. If you all stay in the same place then you can continue the celebrations throughout the weekend and have another meal with friends and family who you don’t often get to catch up with. There’s nothing worse than not being able to see everyone on your big day, and really the chances are there will be at least a few people who you would have wanted to see for longer than you had a chance to during the ceremony.

Lose weight before your wedding

7 Tips On How To Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

There is nothing more significant for a woman in her life like an engagement ring, wedding dress, photos and honeymoon to make her serious about the weight loss. As all this requires lots of cash to spend and make the event special, it is essential to look fabulous and gorgeous by following weight loss tips to make the special day a wonderful moment in life. Are your wedding plans ahead? Do you feel to shed those extra pounds, which are troubling your designer to design a chic and latest wedding dress for the day?  If so, your tension is relieved to make your upcoming wedding an inspiration for you and others to tackle the weight issues and feel great later with positive results. Here are some tips on how to lose weight before your wedding.

Lose weight fast with simple and balanced diet

Honestly speaking, many find it difficult to lose weight due to more cravings towards food. It needs to be avoided and to be followed by limited consumption of food in small portions at required times all the day as the main part of the diet is the focus. Several attempts to follow extreme steps to shed pounds quickly, that may affect their health. Avoid it and follow useful tips to make your wedding blissful and the great event of the season. Countless studies have expressed that before wedding most of the brides-to-be make a healthy diet with fitness exercise as part of their regime to look smart, beautiful and fit for the special day. It is perfect in the form of fitness program and healthy diet which are the main part of weight loss issue that keep you in control.

Tips to follow to look slim and smart on the special day

  • Track your daily food right from your soup to the little bites of cake. Simple tracking of the daily diet helps you to reduce the quantity of food which you have taken in excess without any idea.
  • Just taste the food in the form of bites like small portions to stay within your calorie choice.
  • Have breakfast without any negligence as it is the first and the easiest meal of the day to get your metabolism fired up. Mainly, eating breakfast helps you to lose weight as it tends to consume less calories.
  • Give fitness a priority as it is an important part of weight loss program. Try to begin the exercises in a simple way instead of hectic schedule and later increase the time to perform them to shed few more pounds.
  • Make aerobic exercises a part of your weight loss regime and cut back those cocktails and drinks on special occasion as this is the most rational decision to move towards your weight loss issue.
  • Drink lots of water, as this is the best liquid and substitute of diet soda that helps your body to get rid of toxins. Grab a bottle and figure out  the number of refills you need to make all through the day to be fit and less in weight.
  • Add a few lemons to the water to give it a flavor.

With these weight loss tips, you are going to frame your lifetime memories and good health for the special day and Honeymoon vacations in your life!


Creative ideas for a wedding to remember

Everyone agrees that half of the guests at a typical Indian wedding are present for the food. They come to the place; eat food give an envelope and leave. After that you will be able to hear the comments like “the biryani was yummy”, “the wedding venue was gorgeous”, “bride is wearing a good dress, I saw her in the makeup room”, “you won’t believe the bride groom have once dated that girl”. You can predict your wedding this way. However, if you plan it uniquely, adding few different things, your wedding may be different from all the similar Indian weddings. If you try these fun and creative ideas for your wedding, you can make sure that people will talk about the hilarious fun at your wedding for many years even if you do not create a wedding like Karan Johor’s expensive movie set.

Let your guests write a personalized message for you on an old-fashioned typewriter:

You just need a typewriter, few blank sheets and a table that is nicely decorated. Announce in the stage to ask your family members and friends to write a message for you people. After the wedding is over, read each one of the messages and give writers thank you calls.

Write a hash tag that people will use:

Display a hash tag on your venue. Make sure everyone knows what the hash tag is. When people will upload the photos clicked at your wedding on Instagram, they will use that hash tag. This way you will get all the pictures that people have uploaded using hashtag. Go ahead and create a unique photo album of your wedding.

Make a candy station/cappuccino station/confetti station:

Make sure that everyone is enjoying and amused when your parents are arguing over the dose versus chat. There can be a candy station where guests can fill up their cones of candy, a confetti station where you will be able to spread some glitter on your marriage or a cappuccino station which will make sure that the guests are awake and enjoying every moment with the help of an awakening coffee.

Customise the centrepieces and coasters of the table:

In advance, prepare coasters, mats, doormats posters with the couple name on it along with the date of the marriage. Try adding other cool things like quotes on marriage. Mention one of the disadvantages of marriage too, just to annoy the couple.

Have a Selfie booth

Create your own photo booth where people will come and take funny selfies with funny faces. That booth will be right in front of the main stage and this way the selfies will capture the whole scenario. This selfie album will be great fun to cherish after years of your marriage.

So, if you follow some of these stylish ideas then it can make your wedding very much unique, full of fun and you will have great enjoyment at the venue. After this, the people will definitely wish to marry again after attending your awesome wedding and they will try to fulfil their desire on their own wedding anniversaries.


What You Can Learn From Tiger Woods About Wedding!

Once upon a time in the concrete forest, the ‘king of Golf’; Tiger Woods had it all. Yes, he had a gorgeous wife, two adorable kids, a breathtaking house, and oodles of success, endorsements and the life that each one of us can envy! But one fine day the truth dawns onto us, the Gillette and Nike’s favourite brand ambassador was revealed of cheating upon his wife and from then on, the story was never the same again.

The story of Tiger woods’ ravel to us many valuable lessons about wedding and extra marital relationships (oops I mean marital relationships). As we Indian have 7 vows of marriage; so, here we are presenting you the 7 lessons we learnt from Tiger Wood’s roller coaster married life:

Lesson number one: money cannot save you all the time

Many people think that they can use money to keep other people’s mouth shut. But when you are as frantic as Tiger wood you better should not be over confident. At times even the tons and tons of money cannot save your marriage.

Lesson number two: we cannot take things (I mean women!) for guaranteed

Yes, most of us take things for granted, our success, families, career and even the mistresses, waiters and so on (!). But you should not forget the domino effect that we witnessed in the case of Tiger Woods where one after another many ladies revealed having relations with his. Never underestimate the ‘women power’.

Lesson number three: your wife has the right to hit you when you are caught with another woman (or do I need to say WOMEN)

Indeed, she has all the right (till she is not doing anything illegal!), even girlfriends are allowed to take revenge in case they find their supposedly love interest take advantage of their niceness.

Lesson number four: there is something called sex addiction and you can take therapy to cure it

With Tiger Woods we come to know about the new term of sex addiction (well we are quite happy with expansion of our knowledge). More so, we come to know that you can get psychological counselling and therapy to get rid of it! Wow!

Lesson number five: you cannot rectify the past

Once something is done is done and you have no way to erase it from the personal history. So it is very-very important to be sensible before doing something. Yes dude, we are talking about conscience, sensibility and maturity (might sound alien but it might blow up lot many good thing in your life and all you are left with is “REGRET” my dear friend!)

Lesson number six: being ungrateful in life can create lot of mess in your life

It is important to be grateful for all the good things in our life especially our family and friends. Doing something reckless and taking foolish decisions can hurt your loved ones a lot. So stay upright and responsible, especially when you are one lucky Married man.

Lesson number seven: keep asking for ‘forgiveness’

Yes, we might conclude our morality (pun intended) based story with little bit of spiritual connotations! (Otherwise public wont forgive us) so where were we? Oh yes! So you can keep asking for forgiveness. (It might help you to rectify your public image that is shattered to pieces!)


5 Incredible Indian Wedding Examples

Indian weddings are world famous for its extravaganza and tons of glamour and glitter. They are in fact the most incredible event in the life of the couple which oozes with its own charismatic and scintillating vibes which encompasses every guest that shares the auspiciousness of this occasion.

 What is truly enchanting in the Indian marriage is the ride of roller coaster that takes you to exotic wedding destination, traditional ceremonies, breathtaking music and endless stalls of food items. This sumptuous treat becomes all the more apparent when we explore through the outlandish and highly expensive Indian wedding examples that has set the tone for future generation to seek inspiration, ideas and lot of fun elements which can even make your own wedding a memorable event.

 It is not only Prince William and Kate’s wedding that is watched on television, we Indians have our desi avatars of Royal and spectacular wedding and we are going to present you 5 such Indian wedding examples:

Sahara’s ultimate gesture to nuptial bond: Indians are going to remember this wedding for years to come. It was a total regal and world class wedding. Of course, the most expensive of all weddings also! The venue was Lucknow and there were astonishingly 11000 guests from the diverse fields. The major attraction was the Shaimak Davar performances and the British Symphony. The whole Lucknow under goes a bridal make over for the wedding which created ever lasting impressions that will be hard to fade from the Indian psyche, for sure!

Mittals astounding marriage celebration: Mittals know exactly how to make their princess feel like queen on her wedding day. When Vanisha Mittal wed with Amit Bhatia then the whole country witnessed the exclusivity of the show in news. The 5 days occasion was like a packed luxurious festival celebration with bollywood and Hollywood stars performing (do I need to mention the names! of course there ware Shahrukh khan, Aishwarya Rai and Kylie Minogue)

Chatwal’s breath-taking splendour: Their marriage is part of many people’s memories because of its lavish and grand style. Yes, the hotelier created a captivating splendour for the guest is the various destinations across the country namely Delhi, Mumbai and Udaipur. The wedding was studded with well known personalities, celebrities and politician across the globe including the President Clinton.

Arun Nayar and Liz Hurley made huge news: Although the two are divorced now but their marriage is certainly a fine example of incredible Indian wedding that took the luxurious weddings up to top notch. Various destinations in Europe and India were selected. Rajasthan’s palace and their luxurious suits were booked for the guests (did you hear the mouth-dropping prices?!).

Bachchan’s intimate yet splendid splash of extravaganza: when the Bachchan’s daughter got married it gained lot of attention and few years back when Abhishek Bachchan married Aishwarya, it got even more “wows”. Karan Johar was responsible for the decoration especially the mandap and in every manner it became the exemplary bollywood wedding with actual stars wedding in real!


Facebook Destroyed My Wedding

Facebook- the new sensation has outfitted not only the students, but people of all ages. So, to state that Facebook makes people fanatic is just obvious. Many people just cannot subsist without it- news feed, status updates, upload photos or videos, and play games. Is that all? Will this activity log be enough to keep these futile nomads in the spirit of being alive?

Well.. Who else better than me can prove this? I never hound my husband with questions like- what is his plan for the evening? It’s no prediction; indeed it’s certain both in terms of his plan and unfortunately my plan too.  While I prepare food, do the dishes, finish laundry and help the children with their assignments, all what Nick does throughout- is hideout and Facebook.

These men I tell you!! Gone are those days when we two had an evening out with fine dinner and wine. Now all that I see is my man jumping around and celebrating on his victory in Texas poker, candy crush, farm ville, and Fifa league. In this era where so much is happening over internet in terms of cybercrimes. Few foolish men are just too over swept by their useless activities and achievements in stupid games.   

Nick was not like that from the start. He was loving and caring until the time he met this silly social networking app- Facebook. Had he not joined Facebook, our lives would have been something different.  At times I don’t blame him rather I feel the urge to kill the person responsible for turning my husband into a crazy facebook addict. 

We often have arguments and I am the one who is all the time Yack Yack but nothing really changes Nick’s attitude. He always promises to cut down, but never does so. All of us want to look on the positive aspect about this social networking site, but not on the cost of crazy addictive games. In a way facebook is good as we can make changes on our profile; immediately update all your friends with what’s happening in your life and also get updated with their lives. This reminds me of a friend’s case, Ryan whose engagement got ruined when Both Ryan and Saira initiated to make their personal life clandestine and a journalist encountered Ryan’s and his fiancé changed status. The happily engaged duo got rid of their relationship status from their facebook profile. Thereafter, the News feed and all their friends quickly jumped onto a conclusion and published that their engagement was off, consequently all their friends on the social network started making pity comments and condolence messages. Later on the suspected break up was alleged to be a false apprehension since the couple got married before long.

It gives me joy at times when I see individuals turning into couples on facebook, however it’s hurting when things get complicated for those who have been in a  relationship for quite some time and one of the two just make up their mind to hide their status perhaps alter their relationship status to complicated. This is a major step but one should avoid it because stupidity of this sort is capable of actually causing a transformation in the whole dynamic of the bond. I so Envy Facebook!!

wedding history

History of Hindu Wedding

The Sanskrit term Vivaha or marriage implies a sacred bond between 2 individuals not only in this life but for the next 7 lives. Hinduism believes in the coming together of two souls since their Karma and fate are closely linked. Together on this earth they try to resolve the mysteries of life and strive to earn eternal salvation. A man is expected to marry and live with his family unless he is recluse. In ancient times when a child reached adolescence his parents started looking for a bride and at times, a middleman was solicited who negotiated on part of the groom’s family. After a detailed consultation of birth charts a suitable date for wedding would be selected. Traditionally the family of the bride used to host the celebration.

Traditionally the Hindus recognize a number of different types of marriage. A Swayamvara used to be  conducted by the bride’s family where all interested suitors presented themselves and the girl was expected to choose and garland the man she wants to marry. The marriage of Ram and Sita or Arjun and Draupadi are examples of this marriage. The Gandharva Marriage was based on the mutual consent of a man and a woman without any ritual or witnesses. The marriage of Dushyanta and Shakuntala was a typical example of this style of marriage. It is the equivalent of the modern form of ‘live together’ relationships.  There are multiple examples of polygamy and polyandry in Hindu religious texts including the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The Rakshasa marriage and the Paisacha marriage, where the groom forcibly abducts the girl or when the man assaults the woman while she is unconscious or in a drugged state, were forbidden but recognized by the society not to upheld these acts but to place the women and her children within legal protection of the society. With the emergence of orthodox Hinduism rules based on caste and Patriarchy gained more prominence. Women were denied all independence and came to be treated as a property of the husband’s family and endogamy or marriage within one’s own social group was the prevalent rule which dominated ancient Hindu society right up to independence, and it considered a marriage outside one’s caste to be a form of ritual pollution.

The main Hindu marriage ritual known as the Saptapadi ritual, which remains almost the same to this day comprises of a yagna or sacred fire where the Gods are invoked in the style of the ancient Indo Aryans. This holy fire is the witness of the marriage and no Hindu marriage is complete without its presence. The bride and the groom are expected to go around the fire seven times and make a vow of spending their lives together for the next 7 lives. Though amorous relationship before marriage was considered a sin, we find numerous examples of amorous relationships in the Puranic texts. However with the emancipation of women and growth of literacy and economy there has been a prominent decline of arranged marriages in India which has given rise to love marriage, though the religious rituals are keenly observed in most marriages even in modern times.