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Why choose a barn wedding venue with accommodation?

barn wedding venue with accommodation

There are lots of different wedding venues you can look at all over the country and even further afield if you fancy it. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for exactly, you should make a list of your requirements. Obviously you will need somewhere for you guests to stay, catering, somewhere for the reception and somewhere for the service to be held. All this adds up quickly, and within each of these.. Read More

7 Tips On How To Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

Lose weight before your wedding

There is nothing more significant for a woman in her life like an engagement ring, wedding dress, photos and honeymoon to make her serious about the weight loss. As all this requires lots of cash to spend and make the event special, it is essential to look fabulous and gorgeous by following weight loss tips to make the special day a wonderful moment in life. Are your wedding plans ahead? Do you feel.. Read More

Creative ideas for a wedding to remember


Everyone agrees that half of the guests at a typical Indian wedding are present for the food. They come to the place; eat food give an envelope and leave. After that you will be able to hear the comments like “the biryani was yummy”, “the wedding venue was gorgeous”, “bride is wearing a good dress, I saw her in the makeup room”, “you won’t believe the bride groom have once dated that girl”… Read More

What You Can Learn From Tiger Woods About Wedding!


Once upon a time in the concrete forest, the ‘king of Golf’; Tiger Woods had it all. Yes, he had a gorgeous wife, two adorable kids, a breathtaking house, and oodles of success, endorsements and the life that each one of us can envy! But one fine day the truth dawns onto us, the Gillette and Nike’s favourite brand ambassador was revealed of cheating upon his wife and from then on, the story.. Read More

5 Incredible Indian Wedding Examples


Indian weddings are world famous for its extravaganza and tons of glamour and glitter. They are in fact the most incredible event in the life of the couple which oozes with its own charismatic and scintillating vibes which encompasses every guest that shares the auspiciousness of this occasion.  What is truly enchanting in the Indian marriage is the ride of roller coaster that takes you to exotic wedding destination, traditional ceremonies, breathtaking music.. Read More

Facebook Destroyed My Wedding


Facebook- the new sensation has outfitted not only the students, but people of all ages. So, to state that Facebook makes people fanatic is just obvious. Many people just cannot subsist without it- news feed, status updates, upload photos or videos, and play games. Is that all? Will this activity log be enough to keep these futile nomads in the spirit of being alive? Well.. Who else better than me can prove this?.. Read More

History of Hindu Wedding

wedding history

The Sanskrit term Vivaha or marriage implies a sacred bond between 2 individuals not only in this life but for the next 7 lives. Hinduism believes in the coming together of two souls since their Karma and fate are closely linked. Together on this earth they try to resolve the mysteries of life and strive to earn eternal salvation. A man is expected to marry and live with his family unless he is.. Read More